Maximize your potential: effective techniques for securing more notary jobs

Looking to boost your notary career? Learn expert tips and strategies to land more notary jobs and elevate your professional success.


Notary work is constantly evolving. The origins of the notary profession can be traced back to the time of scribes. But it wasn't until the late 1990s that signing services first came to market. For a long time, the standard practice to get more notary jobs was to drum up business by meeting with brokerages, title and escrow companies, and real estate agents all over town. Although these methods have been successful in the past, they tend to be time-consuming and the market has become more competitive.

The rise of technology has allowed many notaries to look outside of in-person meetings and relationships to secure new signings. With the new wave of signing services that are being created, notaries can more easily get matched with notary jobs. Read on for strategies that help you make the most of your signing services to gain more signing appointments.

Resources for Notary Jobs

For notaries who are looking to land more signing orders, consider joining a nationwide network of notary signing agents. This type of network can provide access to jobs that aren’t available elsewhere and give you the opportunity to work with top companies in the industry.

Additionally, seek out local networking opportunities such as the chamber of commerce meetings or, depending on the area you work in, you may also be able to join a local notary chapter or association. Social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook are great places for sharing notary tips, finding work opportunities, and connecting with other professionals. 

Professional associations and organizations like the National Notary Association (NNA) provide a wide range of resources and support for mobile notaries, including continuing education classes, mentorship programs, and networking events so you’re prepared for every signing.  

Finding Signing Offer Opportunities

Because most notaries are self-employed, expanding your reach by offering services on various notary platforms is advantageous. When signing up for these services, make sure to include a professional profile with the necessary credentials and any additional skills or experience that could set you apart from other notaries.

From traditional closing services to virtual notarization, there are many ways for a notary to get more signing orders. Becoming certified in Remote Online Notarization (RON) enables notaries to provide services to clients from the comfort of their own homes or offices, expanding their reach and clientele without geographical limitations. This increased accessibility allows notaries to grow their businesses while providing added convenience for their clients. 

Being certified in RON also demonstrates a notary's commitment to staying current with the latest technological advancements, setting them apart from competitors and increasing their marketability in an ever-evolving industry.

With the right skills and signing service partner, notaries can easily capitalize on these new opportunities and successfully grow their volume of notary jobs. 

Finding a Supportive Notary Platform 

When considering which notary platforms to participate in, you’ll want to find companies that align with your values. While many notaries get signing orders from multiple sources, you’ll want to establish strong relationships in the industry by supporting the companies that support you.

Jot, for example, was created by former notaries who understand the difficulties and challenges of notary life. Jot was designed to make it simpler for notaries to get signing orders, offering a secure platform with features like weekly automated payments, real-time notifications, and a helpful notary dashboard.

Notaries are the lifeblood of Jot’s business, ensuring they are supported with the resources needed to be successful is an essential pillar of the company. With this in mind, Jot notaries have access to specialized training opportunities like quarterly speaker series and educational webinars to help build their skills and obtain more signing orders. 

Jot understands that true success comes from building relationships and loyalty with the companies you work with. That’s why providing an exceptional experience for our notaries and their signers is always top of mind for Jot. 

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