5 tips to become a 5-star notary signing agent

These tips will help you provide a 5-star signing experience for your signers! Find out how to prepare, make a good impression, and deliver documents quickly as a notary signing agent.


Are you looking to stand out as a notary signing agent and build a stellar reputation? Scoring that ever-coveted 5-star signing is what every successful notary aims for. As a notary signing agent, having the right attitude, preparation, and knowledge of how to handle every step of the process accurately can make all the difference in delivering an exceptional signing experience. Here are our top five tips for scoring that five-star signing so you can take your success as a notary signing agent to the next level!

1. Be prepared

Being well-prepared is crucial. Make sure to have a full tank of gas and all the necessary materials for signings, such as professional seals, notary stamps, journals, pens, business cards, and a high-quality printer and scanner. These tools will enable you to print and scan documents on the go, ensuring you're fully equipped to handle scanback requests.

While having the right materials is part of being prepared, it is equally important to dress for success! Show up in attire that is suitable for the occasion to leave a positive and professional impression on your signers.

2. Be diligent

Do your best to double-check your work in order to avoid any errors. Mistakes such as missed signatures, missing pages, or a missed stamp could result in a less-than-stellar rating. 

Be sure to review the documents thoroughly and make sure that all documents are filled out correctly with accurate information. It’s also important to take your time while signing so that there aren’t any rushed signatures!

3. Complete your notary signing agent tasks on time

The Jot™ platform will provide you with all the expected deadlines for tasks. You’ll want to check your signings and make sure each step is completed on or before the deadline.

For example, you’ll want to return your scanbacks within four hours of the appointment start time. Timeliness will help to keep each transaction on track and will help you reach your ideal 5-star rating! 

4. Stay positive

Maintaining a positive attitude can truly make a difference. As professionals who often work independently, having a positive mindset can help navigate the challenges that come with being on the go.

You will likely encounter individuals from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles. Regardless of any differences, your goal is to create an environment where your signers feel at ease throughout their interaction with you.

 A positive attitude not only elevates one's own well-being but also creates a ripple effect, positively impacting those around you. It allows you to approach each signing appointment with enthusiasm, provide excellent customer service, and build strong client relationships. 

5. Communicate proactively

Clear and concise communication skills enable a notary signing agent to establish trust and understanding with signers, ensuring that the loan signing process proceeds smoothly and efficiently. Whether it's maintaining proactive communication with escrow officers or signers, a skilled loan signing agent knows that effective communication is a crucial element of their profession.

The Jot™ platform provides a seamless solution for managing signing statuses by allowing you to effortlessly track and mark off each task. Once the appointment is confirmed, ensure that you mark off each step in Jot to indicate the readiness of all parties involved.

By following these five tips for scoring 5-star signings, you can elevate your reputation as a notary signing agent and excel in your field. Having the right attitude, preparation, and attention to detail will ensure that you deliver an exceptional signing experience, setting you apart from the rest. Don't settle for anything less than excellence in your journey toward building a stellar notary career!

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